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Drew and Ben’s films are a piece of art, the way they see the world is inspiring, not to mention the music they use is one of a kind. Not only are they the most
creative they are also incredibly easy to work with, clients rave about
their work and their personalities.
— Jose Villa


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About us

The Cana Family started making wedding videos in 2004.  While we have improved immensely since the days of tapes, our goal and focus has always been the foundation of our work.  We’ve worked as work as a team since 2008, focused on bringing our couples a piece that will destroy them in the best way possible.  With over 10 years of shooting hundreds of clients, from not just California but in 25 different countries, we are continually smitten by the beauty of two people coming together under the banner of love.  We are recognized respectively for our filming techniques as well as our music created exclusively for our clients by Drew Barefoot.

Our focus and approach are simple - keep it raw and keep it real. We strive to produce beautiful aesthetic shots that push on the emotions and inspire the viewer to the greatness and beauty of two people coming together. We want to take part in celebrating our humanity and the epic beauty that surrounds us with our craft.

We offer both Videography and Photography packages and work with a handful of unique clients each year. If you want to be one of those people go to our contact page!

It’s really no secret that we love the outdoors.

In fact, we launched Cana Outdoors in 2012. Our passion for nature is really what put a camera in our hands in the first place. Weddings will always have a special place in our hearts and have remained a huge part of our lives, but getting into the backcountry for bow hunts or diving at the channel islands is what refills our souls.